Friday, July 26, 2013

Dig These Jams: LORDE - Royals

In honor of the birth of the royal baby of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate, I decided to pick a song that has some decidedly "royal" influences. 

LORDE seems like a baby herself at the age of only 16 years old, but this New Zealander has had an impressive record that could rival any monarch's. Her first major single, "Royals", has made two times platinum in New Zealand and is steadily climbing the ranks in U.S. Alternative Charts. "Tennis Courts", her latest single, was played during the BBC coverage of the 2013 Wimbledon Championships  Ladies Final. At this rate, LORDE could easily "live that fantasy" and become a bonafide indie princess.  Check out the entrancing music video for "Royals" below:

Do you think that LORDE's "Royals" takes the crown or do you think LORDE is doomed to fall into the impressive shadow of the royal baby?

Comment and let me know how you feel about this jam!

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  1. I've heard the song on the radio. She has a beautiful voice.